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Welcome to Cheryn International!

I am excited to announce that finally we have a new website and name!!! 
Our NEW website Beauty By Cheryn will be very easy to navigate through.  AS OF OCTOBER THIS WEBSITE WILL BE NO LONGER HERE SO PLEASE TAKE NOTE TO CHANGE THE URL TO     :)

*****************************************************We also have a new adhesive that is even more bonding for our lashes and brows.  ANNOUNCING "GHOST BOND PLATINUM", A NEW PRODUCT THAT KEEPS EYEBROWS & EYELASHES ON EVEN LONGER THAN THE XL!!!  (Eyebrow average 5+ weeks, and Eyelashes 5-8 days, depending on application & skin type.  Lashes &/or Brows currently growing in the areas to which the glue is applied will continue to grow underneath! (If you have sensitive skin, we recommend Ghost Bond Classic).
The Ultra-Safe adhesive remover is a MUST!!  Your lashes and brows will not have a long "life" without it.  *Wearing our products are a great way to regrow lashes and brows, while looking great!)

We not only offer beauty products that restore a natural appearance, but also offer EVERY STYLE & MAKE of wigs at the lowest price possible!  (We do our best to beat all competitor's prices so please call use before ordering elsewhere). 
We carry ALL manufacturer's wigs at!

A personal note from Cheryn: 
   My heart's desire has always been to help others, like myself, who have suffered from eyelash, eyebrow and hair loss. Since 1993 I have provided outstanding products to help restore a feeling of natural beauty and normalcy to lives of those who are suffering through these afflictions.
I offer a wonderful product line consisting of truly Natural Looking False Eyelashes and False Eyebrows, amazingly Waterproof Makeup for the eyes, brows, and even the scalp.  Our waterproof make-up is a favorite as it stays on "like a tattoo",
meaning if you don’t rub it, it will virtually stay on enduring most conditions, enabling one to resume living a normal life without the concerns of our make-up coming off.  (I put my makeup on in the morning and don't even think about it for 24 hours!  I can swim, cry, perspire, etc. and my makeup stays on!!)  We even offer products to help regenerate hair, eyelash and eyebrow growth as well as offer homeopathic products to reduce anxiety and insomnia.

Information and Support
    I will continue to devote my time to traveling, lecturing, and helping others who have suffered from the emotional and physical consequences of hair loss. I am available by phone to speak to anyone who would like emotional support, free of charge.  I am especially happy to continue (as I am now entering into my second decade in business) providing the best possible service, prices, and products to you, the greatest customers on earth!

*I wanted to take a moment to pass on a couple of messages. First I want to say thank you for all of your years of customer loyalty. It has been such an honor to serve and speak to those who suffer with hair loss. Over the many years we have done all we could to keep quality products at affordable and reasonable prices. While our suppliers have raised their prices, in some cases more than five increases over the past couple of years, we have stayed steadfast and held our prices. Unfortunately, we must raise our prices on some of our products. We do not do this arbitrarily, for our goal has been and will continue to be to offer those who suffer from hair loss an affordable and quality product that they can access in a discreet manner. Thank you again, Cheryn Salazar

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To pay by check, please mail to:
Cheryn International
315 Plantation Pointe Dr.
Elgin, SC 29045

Important information on International Shipping Services:
Custom policies vary, possibly delaying delivery of your order/package.  Also, some countries may charge a tariff. 
To track your package or expedite delivery, we suggest choosing one of the Express Mail options.  Otherwise, Priority Mail International is an estimated 6-10 days, custom delays notwithstanding. 


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Cheryn's YouTube Videos:
Cheryn shares her story, as well as demonstrates
make-up and false eyelash and eyebrow applications,
to restore a feeling of beauty and normalcy.
Cheryn's Make-up Application Video
Eyelashes Application Video
Eyebrows Application Video

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At our online store,, we provide an assortment of high-quality products for those who experience hair loss.  Our goal is to offer the lowest prices on the internet, so if you find what you are looking for elsewhere for less, please call us. We are constantly expanding our line of  ladies wigs  and men's hairpieces, as well as  children's wigs, in an effort to provide the largest and most comprehensive selection possible. Our extensive line includes human hair wigs and state-of-the-art synthetic options.
    In addition to our line hairpieces, we also have an array of  false eyebrows and false eyelashes. Each strand of hair on these products is placed by hand, ensuring the most natural look possible.

    At The Wig Emporium, you’ll also find Spirit Gum adhesive and remover, which can be used in conjunction with any of our products.

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