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Introducing MyBrow!!

  Excellent Quality!  More styles & colors.

*Check out our "Ghost Bond XL" that will keep eyebrows on for 2-4+ weeks!!!  (Eyelashes for an average of 3-7 days!)  Swim, sweat, etc. with confidence!  And "Ultra Safe" remover will enable brows to be removed easily, w/o removing any existing or growing brows, as well as allow new growth to occur!

Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover really is a MUST as your false eyebrows and eyelashes will not have a long "life" without it.  Also, Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover can be used to remove all eyebrow adhesives. Please follow instructions for best adhesion.

**All of our water based adhesives are susceptible to freezing, and unfortunately once they do there is no going back.  UPS, DHL, USPS, or Fed Ex do not have any heating on their trucks, and they don’t cover freezing of product under insurance.  We have great success in shipping in cold temperatures, but we do get a few frozen ones over the course of the winter.  We do encourage you to stock up by fall as we do not want you to encounter any losses.  As we do ship all year long, when packaging our adhesive we go through great lengths to insulate the box and the product bubble wrapping them in a bundle twice over, and also insulate the box with extra bubble wrap.


Click False Eyebrows Application Video

(Click here for written MyBrow instructions)

or Cheryn's Make-up Application Video for instruction.

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RevitaBrow - $110

(100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!)

From the makers of RevitaLash Eyelash conditioner, RevitaBrow defines the drama of your eyes and enhances the beauty of your natural brows with a simple stroke. RevitaBrow helps revitalize eyebrows, making your eyebrow look darker, thicker and fuller.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows frame the face, define the eyes and are regarded by makeup artists as an essential element to a finished look. Thousands of women suffer with sparse, damaged eyebrows from years of over tweezing and waxing or simply as part of the aging process.
Harnessing the power of peptides and botanicals for strengthening, conditioning and nourishing, RevitaBrow can help counter that sparse, delicate look with a simple swipe of the RevitaBrow applicator.When applied daily on a clean brow, users should start to see fuller, thicker and healthier looking brows within four to eight weeks.

Using the eyebrow applicator, RevitaBrow should be applied once a day to a clean and dry eyebrow hair.

Apply RevitaBrow using several short strokes to the eyebrow hair where you desire it to appear thicker, fuller and more beautiful.

(Ingredients listed at bottom of page)


Question & Answers
for MyBrows

New packaging but same wonderful product!!!  Packaging now says "MyBrow". 
(Click here for Application Instructions)

How long will MyBrows last?

They will last for months if properly cared for.  Many customers find that they can wear a single pair of eyebrows for 2-4 months, if worn daily. They can be worn in the shower, although prolonged submersion is not recommended.

What are MyBrows made of?
MyBrows are hand made with 100% Human Hair.

Are MyBrows difficult to apply?
No.  MyBrows easily apply in seconds. Simply apply a very thin layer of adhesive onto the back of the MyBrow, including the edges. Wait approx. 7 minutes until adhesive becomes tacky, then place brow against your natural brow line. Then, using your fingertips, gently but firmly press along the brows to secure it in place.  If you find you need more adhesion, as skin types vary, please read instructions below where GhostBondXL adhesive is located.

Can I wear MyBrows while I sleep?
Yes.  Our MyBrows can be worn while you sleep.

Can I wear MyBrows while swimming?
We do not recommend wearing them in the pool due to the harshness of the pool's chemicals.  It has been done, but we do not endorse it since some levels of chlorine can damage the brows. (Swim at your own discretion. We will not be held responsible if it causes damage to your brows).  *Swimming is only possible with the Ghost Bond XL.

How do I remove MyBrows?
We have a few product options, but my favorite of all is the Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover.  Dab brows and leave for 5 minutes, than remove the brows carefully.  Then clean brow skin area with more of the solution.  Works wonderfully. 
Or you can apply our Ardell Lashfree Eyelash Adhesive Remover around the outer edges and gently peel the MyBrows false eyebrow from your natural brow line starting at the inner corner.  Apply more remover until the brow has lifted away.  (Be gentle, so not to remove any natural eyebrows underneath.) Remove any adhesive left on your skin and from the MyBrows with the Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover or the Ardell Lashfree Eyelash Adhesive Remover.

To remove adhesive from brows after removal:
Dip Q-tip sparingly in adhesive remover and then lightly brush across back of eyebrow.  Do not submerge! 
Rub gently with finger or Q-tip to remove any adhesive from the back of the brow, then store them flat for future use.  (Too much liquid may curl the brow so use with your discretion.) 
Another way to remove the adhesive is to remove the glue by using a toothpick.  First loosen edge of glue and then gently gather glue by "rolling" around flat side of toothpick until removed. (A bit more tedious, so be careful.)

*To remove any glue from your skin, apply remover or baby oil carefully with a Q-tip type swab.

Does adhesive come with brows?
No, it is necessary to purchase adhesive and remover separately.

What colors can I get MyBrows in?
Women's MyBrow come in:
Brownish Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Warm Brown, & Light Brown. 
Men's MyBrow comes in:
Black, Brownish Black, Dark Brown, & Medium Brown, & Light Brown.  (Men's brows have a few Blonde's left in stock).
If your color is not listed here, (ie. women's black) we suggest you add a little brow powder to achieve your desired color.  
*As colors may slightly vary, please choose a color that is on the lighter side as you can darken the brows with brow powder, but you cannot lighten them.

Tip: Applying a darker eye powder accentuates your eyebrow color, as well as fill any areas that might be sparse.  After applying the brows, adding powder to the edges of the brows can offer an even more natural appearance.

If your hair is black, brown or medium brown, we suggest you select the shade that is approximately one shade lighter than your hair color.
At this time men's MyBrow are the only style that comes in black, so for  women desiring black, we suggest you apply some Bllack Brush On Powder to the Brownish Black MyBrow to create your desired darkness.   If your hair is blonde, we suggest the Light Brown MyBrows. 

*(At this time the word "Wide" is appearing on our labels.  Please know that it is there in error).

What is the best placement for MyBrows?
The eyebrow should start directly above the inner corner of the eye. The highest point (arch) should be just a bit beyond the outer corner of the iris. The eyebrow should end above the outer corner of the eye.
Click here to view Cheryn's
Eyebrow Application Video


(I suggest you first try a "sample" patch on the back of your neck to see if you have any allergies to the glue or remover.)

Ghost Bond XL is definitely the best glue here.  If you don't want your brows to stay on for a few weeks, then the other glues would be suggested.  Ghost Bond XL was actually created for wigs, but works amazingly with our eyebrows & eyelashes, too!  Allows regrowth to occur underneath false eyebrows or eyelashes.  Amazing product!!!

*For those who desire to remove their MyBrows more frequently, we suggest you choose the Debu, Duo or Secure Hold and the Ardell Adhesive Remover.  


Pro Hair "GHOST BOND XL" ADHESIVE  (Latex Free)
Latex Free. 100% Hypoallergenic
1.3 oz   $26.90   or   5 oz    $89.00

Brows stay on an average of 2-4+ weeks!!  (Eyelashes average 3-7 days).  This is the BEST adhesive!!!  Eyebrows stay looking great! Swim in them. Sweat in them. No more worries!! 

APPLICATION PROCESS (for MyLash & MyBrow products):
Some people can put straight on the lashes/brows and let sit for 7 minutes (becoming super tacky) and then apply, and they stay on great!  If it's not working for you that way then please follow these instructions.

Apply 2-4  thin coats of adhesive to eyelid, being careful to not get inside eye.  (Rinse eyes with water if product gets in your eyes.)  Let dry 20 seconds between each application.

When applying last coat to skin then also apply on back of brows, or lash bands, letting adhesives dry 5-7 minutes.  When applying MyBrows, press to skin gently making sure edges are sealing.  For MyLashes, attach eyelashes by applying first to middle of lid and then placing outer edge of lashes on the outside edge on your lid and then take the inside corner of the eye lashes last and press carefully into corner of eyelid.    

Do not wet your face until 24 hours after applying, as adhesive needs to secure.  Important to not shower, or increase body temperature for 24 hours after applying as it will cause sweating or oils to develop which will effect adhesivity. 

*Bottled product will ruin if in direct sunlight or freezing weather, so regards to shipping in the winter please buy ahead of time to avoid this possibility of damage.
*In cases irritation happens, a change of adhesive usually does the trick. I would also recommend for the time being rather than using Ultra-Safe, use warm soapy water to clean. It will take longer and be tougher to clean but I would like to try to eliminate the cause one step at a time.  We do have the classic formula she might try.

Ghost Bond Classic 1.3 oz
Latex Free. 100% Hypoallergenic
1.3 oz   $26.90   or   5 oz    $89.00

(Coming Soon!  ETA mid December)

Ghost Bond Classic is the original bond in the Ghost Bond family. It will last 2-4 weeks. We suggest this product if you have sensitivity to the GhostBondXL.  The difference between Ghost Bond Classic and XL is that XL has a higher temperature resistance and moisture protection. With this comes a different method of mixing and formulation with increases in specific co-polymers.

Ghost Bond XL is a water based acrylic co-polymer which contains very minimal parabens. In face, so minimal that they are not even required by state law to list it on the ingredients label but the company opted to do so to be full disclosure.
The parabens which are contained in Ghost Bond are Methylparaben and Propylparaben. The amount is 0.0001% and the purpose of this is to preserve the shelf life of the product. Without it, the product would only last a matter of weeks rather than years.

We suggest Pro-Hair "Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover" be used for removal of adhesive from MyBrows and prepping the brow area.  Another alternative can be a Qtip coated with olive oil dabbed on the edges of the MyBrow to loosen the adhesive, and as the brow loosens keep dabbing under neath until the MyBrow is removed.  Use a mild soap or the Ultra-Safe Remover to gently remove oilyness from MyBrow and then pat dry.


(For the removal of Ghost Bond XL from your eyebrows and skin, as well as all other eyelash & eyebrow adhesives).

4 oz  $20.75   or    16 oz  $42.95 (16 oz temporarily unavailable)

100% Hypoallergenic!!  Gentle on skin, contains no harsh solvents, no dyes, and doesn't have harmful fumes.  With only three ingredients, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover is an all natural alternative and safe product for you to use on your skin.  In fact, use as an astringent on your skin before applying adhesive!

Please take note: The Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover is a MUST!!  Your lashes and brows will not have a long "life" without it. 

Can be used to remove other adhesives, too!
100% organic, conditions skin,  & biodegradable.  
Most importantly, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover removes MyBrows easily without damaging them or your own natural brows, along with providing new growth of your own brows to occur without damage or removal, when following carefully the following instructions:

Instructions for Removing Brows:
To remove your brows without damaging your new growth or existing hairs, saturate (but not to the point of dripping) a q-tip or sponge applicator the top of your MyBrows.  Gently remove the MyBrows as the adhesive softens.  As most of the adhesive will be left on your brow, use the Ultra-Safe Remover to remove the remaining adhesive from your skin.  And also use the remover to remove the adhesive from your MyBrows.  Some picking off of the adhesive might be necessary.  It should be gooey and simple to do.

*Bottled product will ruin if in direct sunlight or freezing weather, so regards to shipping in the winter please buy ahead of time to avoid this possibility of damage.

 *Avoid contact with eyes.  If product comes in contact with eyes, flush with water immediately.  

Natural Hydrocarbons
Organic Whetting Agents (All soya based)
Natural Anti-Fungal properties


Debu, Secure Hold, and Duo are great for short term wearing of the brows, and eyelashes.  Which glue is best for you will depend on your skin type.
The brands I offer are all very good glues.  There are several brands to choose from so you can find which offers you the best adhesion.

Our eyelash and eyebrow glue is specially formulated for long lasting staying power. If applied properly, your eyelashes & eyebrows will remain glued for days!

We suggest you clean your brows with Ardell Adhesive Remover. (Directions above.)

*Please Remember To Stock Up Before Winter. As Adhesives May Be Compromised During Cold Climate Transit.

$4.99   (.25 oz)   
Debu is my favorite glue. It is waterproof, pH balanced, and non-toxic. Debu is specially formulated for long lasting staying power. If applied properly, your eyelashes and eyebrows will remain glued for days
Apply adhesive to lash band or brow band (sparingly for brows).
Wait for adhesive to become sticky.
Position and press into place.
Ingredients: Water, Rubber Latex, Cellulose Gum, Bentone LT, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Methylparaben, Amommounium Hydroxide, and Iron Oxides.

(.5 fl oz)  (clear only)
This adhesive is one the of most popular and similar to the Sherani surgical adhesive, (which is no longer being manufactured. See below)
Duo's new box & tube do NOT read "surgical" for manufacturer's shipping purposes.

Secure Hold - Eyelash & Eyebrow Adhesive  $8.99
Secure Hold™ Eyelash and Eyebrow Glue is formulated for long-lasting staying power. This latex-free formula will keep your false eyelashes and eyebrows securely in place for days!



$4.95  (1/5 oz) or
  (2 oz)
Ardell LashFree Eyelash Adhesive Remover is a must for every eyelash or eyebrow wearer, quickly dissolving adhesive in the safest, easiest way, which will extend the life and look of the lashes and brows.  (Instructions above).

*(Please read Instructions on FAQ page)

Ingredients for Revitabrow:
RevitaBrow® is packed with botanical conditioning agents.

* Ginseng Root - Ginseng is a natural antioxidant. Helps with fragile hair damage caused by harsh cosmetics.
* Green Tea - Antioxidant
* Japonica - (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract is a natural fragrance also helps with skin inflammation.
* Fruit extracts - Saw palmetto is rich in fatty acids and a great source of moisture.
* Wheat proteins - Derived from wheat gluten, this is an excellent source for moisture.
* Calendula Extract - Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
* Vitamin B Complex (Biotin) - It has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin.

Water/aqua/Eau, Serenoa Serrulala Feuit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Swertia Japonica Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Biotin, Octapeptide-2, Apiqenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Cellulose Gum, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tritcum Vulgare (Wheat) Protein, Isopropyl Cloprostenate, Disodium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, Pentylene Glycol

RapidLash Renewal Serum- $49.95  (100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!)

Get Beautiful and Thicker Eyelashes and Eyebrows!  
RapidLash Conditions & Moisturizes your Eyelids, Eyelashes & Eyebrows
Giving You Healthier Fuller Lashes & Brows.
*I love the affordability and results from RapidLash, though RevitaLash contains ingredients that promote the results more similar to Latisse results. 

Sale price $49.99 / Reg. $89.99  

Many people have found to their dismay that tweezing, over shaping and medical conditions cause eyebrow loss. And sooner or later people over 50 find that eyebrow loss is inevitable due to the aging process. 
5 STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM: For anyone who wants to cover their thin, sparse, or over plucked eyebrows, MyBrow provides the ultimate solution. Within minutes, these full, natural-looking, easy-to-apply,  flexible 100% human hair eyebrows provide a beautiful frame to the face, and are even waterproof. 
*As colors may slightly vary, please choose a color that is on the lighter side as you can darken the brows with brow powder, but you cannot lighten them.

Shape #10 is our newest style.

Similar to #12 with a minimal curve in the brow, but a little wider.  Great for women & men, too!

Shape #12 has a very natural shape with a minimal curve in the brow.  This style is suggested for children and those wanting more of an "organic" look.


Shape #15 has a more rounded arch shape than #22.


Shape #22 has a less rounded arch shape than #15.

  MyBrow Eyebrows For Men

For men who have lost their eyebrow hair, this product is the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.


*The closest thing to natural brows ever developed
*Realistic & natural looking appearance
*Meticulously hand made
*No ugly netting
*Easy to apply
*Several shapes & colors to choose from
*Reusable - may be used repeatedly
*The look and feel of a real eyebrow

            MyBrow Colors

Women's MyBrow come in:
Brownish Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Warm Brown, & Light Brown. 

Men's MyBrow comes in:
Black, Brownish Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Light Brown.  (Men's brows have a few Blonde's left in stock).

100% human hair is individually hand placed on a realistic skin-like base, for the most natural looking eyebrow ever made.  These eyebrows give the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line.  For women, men or children who have lost their eyebrow hair, these products are the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.   

Each piece of hair is individually hand placed on a skin-like, flexible gel backing, for the most natural eyebrows ever made. This gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. Each eyebrow is a work of art. For anyone who has lost their eyebrow hair, these are the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.  Our eyebrows can be worn for several days to several weeks at a time without reapplying, depending on oiliness of skin & choice of adhesive.  The brows will last for months if properly cared for. 

Our eyebrows can be enhanced with an eyebrow pencil to modify the color or shape.  Apply the eyebrow first, then apply the makeup. 

Our eyebrows can be cut to shape, if desired.  If shaping of the eyebrow is necessary, the base should be cut carefully.  Cut between the hair roots so that the hairs are not unnecessarily cut off.

We offer many adhesives to choose from due to everyone’s skin type being different. 

Most customers find that they can wear a single pair of eyebrows for 2-4 months, if worn daily. They can be worn in the shower, although prolonged submersion is not recommended. We do not recommend wearing them in the pool, due to the harshness of the pool's chemicals.

*Due to the personal nature of this product this product is not returnable..

Brush On Brow Powder
Create natural and beautiful looking brows. This product adds color to fill in sparse areas on your own brows or create the exact color you desire for your MyBrows.  To make waterproof, lightly wet brush and apply in light strokes using the powder.  For finer hair like appearance, use the Eyeliner Brush.

Available in colors:

    Raven                Black/Brown
Dark Brown                 Taupe
                              (med brown)

 Lite Brown               Dirty Blonde

Brow Powder Brush
The Brow Powder Brush is perfect for highlighting the eyebrow area, or darkening the MyBrows, as well as for applying a thicker application of the Gel Eyeliner to the eyelash area.
Suggestion:  To make waterproof, lightly wet brush when using Brow Powder.  Or, apply with light strokes using the eyeliner brush the Eyeliner Gel.  Both work fantastic!
Or buy Brow Powder & Brow Brush set for $17.95
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